Our Artists

We are incredibly proud to work in close collaboration with a small group of independent artists.

Our artists directly share in the profits generated from their products. Every purchase directly benefits an artist.

  • Tony is an award winning photographer whose missions are to document life and earth events with complete authenticity. His portfolio includes:
    - Cultural documentation of Sherpas in Nepal and indigenous tribes in Taiwan

    - Landscape and events photography across Asia, Europe, and North America

    - Fashion photography

    If you are lucky enough to spot Tony on the ground or on an airplane, say hello for us!

  • TW Chao is an ordinary office worker by day but an avid doodler by night and weekends.

    She loves to doodle dogs (especially big dogs!), cats, snacks, or a bit of everything!

  • Cartoon pig sitting and eating a cookie

Ms. Tilly

  • Ms. Tilly trained to be a service dog for a year but then realized it didn’t suit her strengths.

    Not to worry, she soon found another job and now works as a resident model and an art director here at Pilea Gifts.

  • Black lab dog wearing glasses lying on grass