Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be updated when there are new feature artists, products, promotions, etc? 

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How is Pilea Gifts unique?

We strive to be a platform serving artists who are looking for avenues to share and sell their art. Art shouldn’t just sit in their hard drives but should be celebrated instead!
Our goal is not to profit from an endless list of artists. We take time making sure the artists and our values align and will help the artists market their work in additional to providing them with a platform to further spotlight their work.

What does Pilea mean?

Because our main goal is to build relationships and help artists thrive, we named our team after Pilea Peperomiodes, otherwise known as the friendship plant! This plant grows side roots (aka. plant babies!) that can be trimmed and gifted to family and friends.


In what ways are the featured artists supported?

Unlike other platforms that accept as many artists as possible and utilize artist designs to earn a majority of the profit margin, Pilea Gifts strives to limit the number of featured artists on its platform with the goal of helping them broaden visibility and empowering them with a much larger share of their items’ profits. At the same time, we are unique in that we invest into promoting the artists too.

How can I become a Pilea Gifts featured artist?

We welcome all interested photographers, graphic designers, typographers, any other artists to email artists@pilea.gifts and include the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • Description about yourself/background
  • Description about your work (particular theme, focus, etc)
  • On what platforms do you currently list with (if any)
  • Link to your portfolio/social media handles, etc.

Please note we are only able to respond to shortlisted artists at this time.


Can I request customizations or modification to products?

Contact us at hello@pilea.gifts and we will see if we can help.

Can I make changes after submitting my order?

If your order has not been processed and shipped, we will do everything we can to help you make changes (though it is not guaranteed). Email us at help@pilea.gifts immediately if you have such requests and include:

  • Your order number
  • Your phone number

If the production process has begun, unfortunately we will not be able to make changes.

What currencies do you accept?

We are able to charge in Canadian/US/Australian/New Zealand Dollars. To change the currency, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I have received a call that there are duty, customs, or carrier-specific fees to be paid. How can I make that payment?

Duty and/or customs fees are charged directly by your country’s border services and are handled through the shipping carrier. Please call the carrier directly with your tracking number and indicate that you would like to pay for any fees related to your delivery.


I ordered some apparel and noticed it has a vinegar-like smell or an off-white residue. What’s going on?

Don’t worry! This is just from a fixation agent (a treatment applied to the garment to ensure that the ink does not flake off). It should go away after a wash or two.

How come the colors of the product I received is not exactly the same as shown on screen?

The Direct to Garment (DTG) printing method uses 5 to 7 colors of ink and mixes them to achieve the colors that are being printed. Some colors may be outside of its range. In addition, different computer monitors and device screens may display the same colors in slightly different ways.

Why do apparel items with the same image have slightly different print results?

Printing on each clothing item is unique and depends on a multitude of conditions of that particular moment. It is normal to see minor variations in print results. Also, different fabric compositions soak up the ink at different rates and slight visual differences can appear.

Additional questions?

Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page or directly at hello@pilea.gifts.